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Ladies! and anyone with a cervix!


For a minute there, my application essay became a manifesto

Since the moment I decided to go back to school for nursing, I have always known that I wanted to be a Family Nurse Practitioner. There is no field where the need is so acute, and yet, so oblique. What to refer and what to have patience with and watchfully wait? To train to be a jack of all trades means also to bear the humility of being a master of none. There is another side to it though, the side that asks, “what would it mean to really, honestly, trust our patients?”  We’d have to educate them more, perhaps. But really, we’d have to listen. A LOT. We’d have to ask more questions, maybe, but we’d have to listen to their answers. We’d have to believe that all people have a right to understand and care for their bodies, and we’d have to respect that right, even when it made us mad. We’d have to start to soften our minds, and sometimes even our hearts, to the radical notion that even if the coats are white, the science need not be. That black and brown and every shape of body carries the same incredible laboratory we call the human body and the same tender, beating heart. That each beautiful vessel needs time to understand itself, in the language it desires, and that we, the nurses, the doctors, the physician’s assistants, the pharmacists, the therapists, the medical assistants, have the honor, but also the duty, to bring that truth to light. 


The thing you gotta understand, bud, is the internet hates women.

- Adam Savage in his Moth appearance “Talking to My Kids in the Internet Age”




Sochi’s mascot polar bear is everywhere: posing for pictures at the Sanki Sliding Center, dancing to “Blurred Lines” at a women’s hockey game, high-fiving fans at the men’s hockey game between Russia and Slovenia, hugging a small child so hard one might wonder how the child could breathe.

Sochi bear is so ubiquitous one might wonder whether there’s more than one of him. The answer may be that he gets a ride from venue to venue. But based on this destined-to-go-viral video, getting into a car isn’t without complications when you have an oversized head.

The only thing I love more than costumed mascots might them struggle with wardrobe malfunctions. 

West wing! Puns! Alwaysforeverplease


I took it upon myself to collect all of the best #westwingvalentine’s I could find online and combine them with my TWW candy hearts to make one big west-wingy-valentiney post of goodness.

you can thank me later


To: you

xoxo your birth control.

Totally loving these Valentine’s Day cards from Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, & South Dakota.

Ermagerd, I love puns almost as much as I love responsible family planning.


Elmo’s Christmas Countdown airs on PBS on December 11th! From the special, here’s Brad Paisley singing Jingle Bells with GROVER!

The inexplicable seal cameo at 0:45 is making my day. 

Don’t you just love the Center on Halsted? I do. This Saturday, I will be running in the Santa Speedo Run (wearing a Jewish bikini) to benefit their amazing work, including the development of a brand new senior housing center. Let’s make #givingTuesday a thing, and donate to their good work:https://community.centeronhalsted.org/SpeedoDonations You’ll find my name in the runner pull down list.


I figured out your sexy halloween costume for you



I figured out your sexy halloween costume for you